Welcome to the beginning of a new chapter in your life, whether it’s your first step or your thousandth towards a transformed you! My mission is to be your source of motivation, education, and inspiration throughout your fitness and health journey.

I firmly believe in a holistic approach to fitness that encompasses the mind, body, and soul. Together, we will make enduring, life-changing improvements. As we work in harmony, you’ll discover how to nourish your body effectively, exercise from a place of self-love, and gain the confidence to determine what suits you and your unique lifestyle best.

In my role as your coach, you can expect personalised workout plans tailored to elevate your fitness and strength to new heights. Additionally, I’ll provide unwavering emotional support to fortify your spirit throughout your transformative journey.

When you make the decision to embark on this journey with me, know that I’m here for you every step of the way, whether it’s a step forward, a deep squat, or capturing a proud selfie along the path to your better self.

My personal journey into the realm of fitness commenced with a profound desire to enhance every facet of my life. Now, after competing in 17 bodybuilding contests internationally, honing my skills in prestigious gyms in both Bali and London, and guiding over 1,000 women as their coach, I wholeheartedly recognise the transformative power power of self-investment. When you commit to self-improvement, you’ll discover that your entire life undergoes a remarkable upgrade, radiating positive changes not just within you but all around you.

Jade Joselyn,