Jade Joselyn | Fitness Pro


WELCOME to your first step (or one-thousandth step) in a new you and a new life! I want to help motivate and inspire you on your fitness journey. I believe having both a goal and plan are two of the most important things when trying to achieve results. Until I had a workout plan, I found that my commitment to the gym was lacking. Once I had my plan and started to work on it, I made that all-important step in life to INVEST IN MYSELF.
I believed I could, and for the first time in my life, I DID, eleven bikini competitions, a YouTube Channel, and an Instagram account later, I am now able to share my biggest passion in life with YOU.

By joining my team, you will be able to learn how to fuel your body correctly and have customised workouts designed to get you fitter and stronger than ever. By giving your body what it needs from the inside, you will be able to perform to the best of your abilities and make changes on the outside. To help you out with this, I’ve been building a community for all of you on this journey, #MadeWithJade.

When you decide to take the step and join me, I want you to know I will be here for you every step, squat and selfie along the way. Share your journey by using #MadeWithJade so I can share and support your progress, and you can give and receive support from others. We are on this journey together, and I can’t wait to cheer you on.

Jade Joselyn,

Jade Joselyn | Fitness Pro
Jade Joselyn | Bikini Competition