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Have you been working towards a goal but aren’t quite there yet? Do you need guidance or someone to hold you accountable? Is it the additional support that will help you finally find the confidence both in and out of the gym?

My commitment to you is not only to be the best coach I can be, but also to support and guide you on your journey no matter the end goal. All I ask from you is honesty and integrity. We are a team! 

Jade Joselyn | Fitness Pro

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Personalised Nutrition

Your nutrition/food will be all taken under control, with macronutrients set and adjusted weekly based off your goals, current needs and adherence. If you would prefer a set meal plan or to eat intuitively please inform me on the questionnaire.  

Custom Training Programs

Training will run in 4 week blocks and will be customised towards your goals, strengths and weaknesses ensuring you not only progress physically but also to build confidence. 

Weekly Check Ins

You will be held accountable through a weekly check in through progress photos and feedback. This will be your time to reflect on the week and ask any questions about training and nutrition. If you would prefer video feedback please discuss with myself.

Goal Setting & Mindset

The body achieves what the mind believes, therefore mindset development will be just as important as your diet and training.

Jade Joselyn | Fitness Pro

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