Jade Joselyn's Made With Jade E-Book Cover

Made Wth Jade: 12 Week Course

Jade’s ultimate guide to transforming both your mind & physique. Learn how a pro approaches everything from mindset optimization to  tracking macros and crafting workouts.  Created to help as many people worldwide  as possible, you won’t be  disappointed. 

Jade Joselyn | Made With Jade Recipe Guide

Nutrition Guide & Cookbook

Jade’s nutrition guide & healthy recipe cookbook! Learn how to track your macros, diet safely, all you need to know about supplements, healthy shopping lists & breakfast, lunch & dinner recipes! Your first step towards loving your nutrition and what it does for you. All in a easy to read professionally illustrated E-Book.

Online Coaching

Work with Jade personally to reach your fitness goals through custom programs , personalized nutrition and mindset training.  Become a part of the #MadeWithJade team and reach new heights  together.